Pipe earthing and plate earthing

Plate Earthing Definition

What is a plate Earthing?

A plate made of galvanised copper or iron is buried vertically at a depth of not less than 3m from ground level in this type of earthing.

Electrical earthing is the process of transferring the immediate discharge of electrical energy to the earth using a low resistance wire.

Plate electrical earthing is a method of connecting an electrical equipment's non-current carrying part to the ground.

The non-current carrying parta in a plate earthing system is a plate made of copper or galvanised iron.

The dimensions of copper used for plate earthing should be 60cm x 60cm x 3.18mm (i.e. 2ft x 2ft x 1/8 in). For galvanised iron (GI) type plate electrode, the dimensions should be 60cm x 60cm x 6.35 mm (2ft x 2ft x 14 in).

Vertically towards the earth, the plate earthing is buried (It is named as earth pit). The earth pit should be 3 metres (10 feet) below ground level. Vertically towards the earth, the plate earthing is buried (It is named as earth pit). The earth pit should be 3 metres (10 feet) below ground level.

Copper plate Earthing

We are one of the accredited suppliers of a premium range of copper plate earthing. Manufactured using high-grade material, our product-line is n tandem with international quality standards. Available in a spectrum of specifications, our range is widely used for various industrial purposes. Moreover, we assure timely delivery of consignments at clients' destination.

Solid copper earth plates provide a long lasting earthing solution in places where driving earth rods might be impractical - copper plate earthing are often installed in conjunction with low resistance earthing compound or Bentonite earthing compound.

Product Detail:

Width:20 - 2500mm
Thickness:0.1 - 200mm

copper plate earthing

Diagram of copper plate earthing

Diagram of Plate Earthing

Diagram of plate earthing

Pipe Earthing

Here withinside the UK, there has been a time while each Water & Gas pipes have been used as “Earth” (Grounding connections to the ones out of doors the United Kingdom). Changes withinside the policies from what become the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) resulted on this now no longer being allowed because the number one technique of Earthing an installation.

Today withinside the UK the number one Earth is both a rod pushed into the floor which has to byskip exams to make certain its effectiveness or the Earth is attached to the Neutral on the factor wherein the supplier’s most important fuse for the incoming deliver is.

Seems bizarre however of direction the Neutral is attached to Earth at more than one locations at the supplier’s aspect of the deliver and honestly at each sub station.

The metallic pipes in homes are all linked together (Bonded), so that during occasion of a fault at the “stay” segment connecting to earth all of the uncovered metalwork is nominally on the identical capacity distinction so that you won’t get a shock.

All that is now barely beside the point as all contemporary-day installations are blanketed via way of means of more than one RCDs (Residual Current Device, previously called an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, which describes the tool greater coherently for most - it's miles a tool that compares the cutting-edge flowing withinside the stay and impartial wires on the customer unit if there's a distinction of greater than 30Ma then the circuit is disconnected as now no longer all the cutting-edge goes spherical the circuit however “leaking away” to Earth).

Pipe Earthing

The outcome of the use of those gadgets is that the deliver is reduce off inside 0.three seconds which prevents damage to us if we contact uncovered “stay” elements of electrical appiances.

The most important reason of the “Earth” has been to make certain that withinside the occasion of a fault in both the wiring or the equipment that there's enough cutting-edge wearing capability withinside the “Earth” to purpose the MCB (Minature Circuit Breaker - a alternative for conventional fuses- a tool rated at suitable currents for every very last circuit that disconnects that circuit withinside the occasion of an overload in that circuit) to disconnect that circuit.

In the United Kingdom the water deliver pipes are being changed with plastic besides in preference to lead or steel. Gas pipes are going the identical manner and as a result the effectiveness of those because the principal “Earth” is decreased and any type of metallic tape down the out of doors of these pipes might in all chance now no longer deliver enough cutting-edge to perform a excessive cutting-edge MCB withinside the occasion of a fault that doesn't bring about the RCD disconnecting the deliver.

All of these items is at the least in idea intended to be examined and licensed on a everyday basis (time varies consistent with the age and kind of installation). A whole check takes a few time, perhaps four hours or greater relying on the scale of the installation, and exams quite nicely each plausible kind of fault state of affairs that's recorded in excruciating element at the report.

Things just like the impedance of all very last circuits, the time for each MCBs and RCDs to disconnect, with unique awareness at the RCDs, which check for disconnection instances on each the positve 1/2 of and poor 1/2 of of the AC cycle in addition to complete cycle at numerous factors at the circuit. Along with insulation exams, potential quick circuit cutting-edge, if the Earth is a rod, more than one exams to make certain its efficacy.

At least in idea each socket and mild becoming need to be eliminated simply so the connections may be visually checked for tightness, extremely time ingesting of direction!

What are the advantages of pipe earthing?

Pipe earthing has a number of advantages, one of which is the ability to achieve very low resistance in certain applications. In most cases, an iron pipe is used as an earth electrode. The pipe size is determined by the fault current and soil condition.

Rod Earthing


This type of earthing is used in area where there is soil is sandy in nature and very lesser moistened. In this system of earthing 10-15 mm diameter solid rods of copper or 10-20 mm diameter solid rod of GI pipe is directly buried in earth not lesser then 3 meters. Rod is hammered into earth for reducing resistance of earthing electrode. This system of earthing is very cheap..

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